3 Common Practices with Fecon Mulcher Teeth That Are Actually Wrong

3 Common Practices with Fecon Mulcher Teeth That Are Actually Wrong

When it comes to mulching with Fecon mulcher teeth or any other mulching machines, there is a number of practices that are actually wrong. However, most people do not notice the danger they put themselves in by doing them. They also do not know the cost that they incur by doing them. But what these common practices that mulcher machine users do often think that it is the best way to about mulching? You will be shocked to learn that some of the practices do enjoy doing are actually wrong. Check out these practices and why you should stop them:

High-speed Mulching

One of the common mistakes is mulching at a very high-speed. Yeah, when you have a piece of vegetation to clear, and you want to do really quickly, then most people tend to increase the speed of the machine. It is true that you will complete the task fast, but the practice is wrong. That definitely exposes the Fecon mulcher teeth to temperature hence increasing the rate of wear and tear. The overall impact is an increased rate of wear of the whole machine. Therefore, as long as you want to get the work done quickly, you might be compromising your mulching machine.

Forcing the machine

Another thing that is common with users is overworking Fecon mulcher teeth. When most people feel like the machine is refusing to move, they press in the accelerator even more. It is true that adding more power could make Fecon mulcher teeth cut faster, but that would increase their rate of wear and tear. It also causes overheating of the engine, which reduces the overall lifespan of the machine. Always keep the machine working at the recommended speed to maintain teeth in good condition.

Ignoring Maintenance

It is without a doubt that maintenance is one of the neglected parts of the machine. Not many take it seriously. As long as the machine working, most people do not care much about what is going. In fact, to many, it is a waste of time. Most of us comfort ourselves with a saying ‘if it is working, why fix it.’ But that is one of the biggest mistakes that most users commit. Note that when you fail to maintain your Fecon mulcher teeth, you are exposing the entire machine into an increased rate of wear and tear. It could also be the reason why your machine productivity is lowering.


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