5 Tips To Improving Sandvik Stump Grinder Teeth Life

Now that you have invested in a Sandvic stump grinder, then next thing that you need to think of is maintaining its grinder teeth in the best condition possible. But that’s something that most people don’t get right. Maybe the problem is usually the kind of approach that most people take.

In this post, we have put together some of the best tips for improving the lifespan of your Sandvik stump grinder teeth. These are the tips that will enhance not only the lifespan of your machine but also your machine performance. Check out the following:

Buy Quality Teeth

The first thing you need to do is to have the right quality of the stump grinder teeth. You must ensure that you have invested in the best quality Sandvik stump grinder teeth. But this will depend upon the kind of stump grinding tasks you are planning to handle. If you don’t get the best quality tools, then everything you will be trying to extend the lifespan of the teeth will not bear fruits.

Properly Use of Grinder Teeth

The other tip you should have is the proper usage of the Sandvik stump grinder teeth. There are all kinds of stump grinding you can do with these machines but make sure that the grinder teeth are being used on loads it’s designed for. Avoid using the cutter tools on conditions they are not made for. This is one common mistake you don’t want to do because it will cost you a lot. Improper usage of stump grinder teeth leads to reduced lifespan of the parts.

Maintain properly

Stump grinder parts must be kept in the best condition to deliver the expected results. So, you need to consider the issue of maintenance for the teeth to last longer. Make sure that you have observed the maintenance schedule of the machine. We also recommend that you keep checking the condition of these cutter tools regularly.

Repairs Faulty Teeth

One of the reasons why your Sandvik stump grinder teeth could be wearing out very fast is the lack of repairs. If you don’t fix the problem immediately you notice it, then the next time you look at it, it will be bigger. So make sure that faulty teeth are fixed within the shortest time possible. That’s how you will be able to extend the lifespan of the machine parts.

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