Maximizing Bradco Mulcher Teeth Productivity

Maximizing Bradco Mulcher Teeth Productivity

When it comes to mulching your land, original Bradco teeth are some of the most recommended teeth for your machine. Although they are unique from most of the available options, they are not prone to the common problems affecting mulching teeth. With time, the productivity of the teeth will start coming down as they tip becomes blunt, burred or dull. But there is always a way that you can maximize performance and productivity of the Bradco mulcher teeth in such cases. Here are ways to achieve maximum productivity from your Bradco teeth:

Cleaning Off Accumulated Dirt Particles

The first thing that you must take into consideration if your machine is showing signs of reducing productivity is the conditions of mulcher teeth. The most common problem could be the dulling or blunting of the teeth or the accumulation of the dust and dirt particles on the teeth. If the problem is the accumulation of the dirt particles, then you should start with cleaning off the accumulated particles by either knock the teeth with a rubber mallet and the particles will shed themselves of the teeth. That should get the teeth back to their peak productivity.

Sharpen the Teeth

If the problem is snot accumulation of dirt on the Bradco mulcher teeth, then it could be the dulling or blunting of the teeth tip. You can simply tell if that is the problem by physically looking at the tip of the teeth. In an ideal situation, the tip of the teeth should always remain sharp but due to various factors such as hitting rocks and abrasive conditions. That causes the teeth to be blunt and dull. You can restore that performance of the teeth by sharpening the carbide tip to its original sharpness. Fortunately, that is not difficult if you have the right tools and skills. However, if you don’t have the right tools or skills, hire a professional to do the work for you.

Carbide and Teeth Replacement

In some severe cases, you may find out that the cause of reduced productivity is broken carbide tip. In such cases, the only way out is ensuring that you’ve replaced the faulty carbide with a new one or replace the entire teeth. If it about a number teeth being faulty, make sure that you have had them replaced to avoid overloading the rest of the teeth. That will ensure that your Bradco mulcher teeth productivity is maintained.

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