Types Of Trencher Teeth And The Best Environment For Each Of Them

Types Of Trencher Teeth And The Best Environment For Each Of Them

Trencher tooth selection is critical and should be based on soil conditions, among many other things. If you don’t have the correct teeth for the conditions you are digging, you will definitely have a lot of problems. If you have inferior quality trencher teeth, you will experience a lot of wear and tear.

There are several types of trencher teeth used in the market, and you need to have one that matches your needs. Otherwise, you might waste your money on a set of trencher teeth that do not match your needs.

Here are the main types of trencher’s teeth and their best applications:

Cup Teeth

The cup teeth are the most common types of teeth that you can find in the market. They are the most common for digging applications. The cup tooth is a scoop-style tooth used in all soil conditions that are not rocky. This is unless they are used with a combination of shark and alligator teeth. They are the standard utility trencher teeth and the most available in the market.

Shark Teeth

As the name suggests, these trencher’s teeth are sharper and more versatile in application. They come with carbide on the end that slices through tough soils and thus mostly referred to as the carbide-tipped teeth. This is best suited for medium, hard and rocky soils. They are also used on frozen/frosted ground. One thing with shark teeth is that they offer incredible higher cutting performance than cup teeth.

Alligator Teeth

The third type of trencher’s teeth is the alligator teeth. These are rotating teeth that strike at different edges throughout the entire digging process. They are best suited for hard and rocky conditions. The alligator teeth are designed with incredible hardness and toughness, and this is what makes them ideal for hard and rocky conditions.

When buying trencher’s teeth, these are the three most common types that you will find in the market. You need to know to understand your needs and ensure that you have gotten the right type for the job.

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