What Is A Hydraulic Press Brake And Common Applications

The hydraulic press brake is one of the widely used presses in the manufacturing industry. These machines are mainly designed for use in bending and folding metals. That is why they are widely used in the production of metal sheet products.

The hydraulic press brake machines can handle tough industrial production jobs. You can use them for single-cycle operations to automated cell components. Depending on the machine, you can have extensive bending capacity and networking function. They can be used for a range of metals, including aluminum, stainless steel and pre-coated steel.

When buying hydraulic press brakes, you need to know they come in different standards. But there are also custom-designed press brakes that come with a particular set of strengths and attributes depending on expected applications.

Common hydraulic press brake Application

As mentioned above, the hydraulic press brakes are used for bending and folding metallic sheets. This means that they can only find use in industries that requires folding and bending of metals sheets on the making of products:

Hydraulic Bending Press

The hydraulic press brake is used bending of various metallic parts for the manufacturing of metal products such as car parts or the construction materials such as roofing metal sheets. There are many other areas where these machines can be used for bending.

Sheet Shearing

Shearing metal plate or metal sheet is another area where hydraulic press brake is widely used. The process includes the cutting of the metal sheets for further production. With these machines, you can have them configured to accommodate a custom shearing process.

Sheet Cutting

The other major application of the hydraulic press brake machine is sheet cutting. The manufacturing industry has a lot to do with the cutting of metal sheets and thus the need for cutting machines. Depending on the size of the machine, they can be used for cutting a vast range of metal sheet sizes.

Angle Cutting

The other major application of hydraulic press brake machines is angle cutting. This is the process by which the metal sheets of specific angles are cut, and these machines are widely used because of their ability to cut very precise angles. This is one of the major applications.

These are some of the common applications of hydraulic press brake machines. You just need to ensure that you have bought the best quality machine for the job.