4 Key Aspects of Auger Teeth

4 Key Aspects of Auger Teeth

While buying auger teeth, there are several aspects of these cutter tools that you need to look out for. The first thing that you should check is the quality of teeth. That does not mean the aesthetic features of the teeth but the quality of the material that has been used for manufacturing these teeth. But this is just one of the key features. In fact, the quality of the teeth is not enough to guarantee you high performance, productivity, and longevity of the teeth. Here are some of the critical aspects of auger teeth that you should look out for:

Start with the Tip

The first thing that you should always look for in auger teeth is the quality of the tip. If you are going to reach and maintain peak performance, the quality of the shank is one of the key things that you should consider. Auger teeth(click here to know more about it) tip should always be constructed from the highest grade of tungsten carbide. However, the grade of the tungsten carbide should be determined by the kind of drilling that you will be doing. If you are doing foundation drilling, then you need to get the highest grade of carbide possible. But for typical domestic, the normal tungsten carbide would do very well.

Quality of Steel Body

The quality of steel that has been used for the construction of the body is an important factor to consider. There are various types of steel material, but the choice depends on where the teeth will be used. For the best quality steel, heat treated or forged steel is recommended for the teeth. Heat treated steel offers incredible features, and that includes reduced steel wash which is a big problem in the drilling industry. This type of steel is also resistant to wear hence a more extended lifespan. So if you want a kind of teeth that you will use for a longer time, Heat treated still is highly recommended.

Quality of Retainers

The firmness of auger teeth in the block is greatly determined by the type of retainer that you have. These are blades of the on the teeth that keep them form in the teeth holder or the block. These blades should be made from the highest grade of steel. That is because they are exposed to high heat and friction which can tear quickly if they are of poor quality.

Size of Teeth Collar

The last thing that you should check is the size of the collar. There are various types of teeth collars in the market to choose from, but wide collars are the most recommended. That is because they offer a better block face protection.

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