Why heat Treated Steel Body for Your Forestry Mulcher

Why heat Treated Steel Body for Your Forestry Mulcher

While buying mulcher teeth, among the many features that we look for is the quality of the material. We know the impact that the material used for the construction of mulcher teeth has on the machine performance. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you have the quality teeth for better machine performance.

Heat treated steel or forged steel is one of the most recommended materials for mulcher teeth. That is because of the incredible properties that the material has over the available alternative. But why should you invest in heat treated steel for mulcher teeth? Well, here are key properties that make this type of steel popular.

High Strength

Heat treated steel or forged steel comes with incredibly high strength. When it comes to mulching, especially forestry mulching, strength and toughness of the teeth is an important factor to take into account. For the forestry mulching, in particular, you need to teeth that can withstand such conditions. That is why forged steel is recommended for these teeth due to its exceptional strength and toughness properties. This is a feature that enables these teeth to cut the hardest conditions such as rocky conditions efficiently.

High Wear-Resistant Features

One of the biggest benefits that come with heat treated steel is the wear resistance features. For the forged steel, the metal ais heat treated and to make them stronger. That is why they are able to withstand demanding and abrasive conditions which cause a high rate of wear. What that does is reducing the cost of repairs and maintenance which comes as a result of the high rate of wear and tear. Consequently, the cost of running the machine is significantly reduced.

Exceptional Hardness

Heat treated steel or forged steel offers incredibly maximum hardness. That is the reason why forestry mulcher teeth are usually made from forged steel so that they can withstand the hardest condition. The rate of wear and abrasion is also significantly reduced because of this feature. That simply means that you will be spending less on maintenance.

Exceptional Impact Resistance

The reasons why your mulcher teeth could be wearing down fast is due to poor impact resistance of the material used for their construction. But with quality material, that is a problem that can be fixed with a change of the teeth. Forged steel offers incredible impact resistance features. Forged steel material also withstand high impact while mulching.


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