5 Reasons Why Carbide Shank is Important in Pengo auger teeth

5 Reasons Why Carbide Shank is Important in Pengo auger teeth

No matter the condition that you are working in, it is important to ensure that your teeth are carbide tipped. There are numerous benefits that come with carbide-tipped teeth, especially if you are in the foundation drilling industry. Unlike other metals, carbide (and in this case tungsten carbide) have numerous properties that make a critical part of the drilling tools. Here are some of the key properties that make carbide a vital material in the making of the teeth shank.

Can withstand High Pressure

If you are working in a very tough condition where the workload subject to the teeth is very high, then you need a material that can be used to absorb that can withstand high pressure. Very few materials can achieve that without compromising the quality of the teeth. But carbide material can withstand extreme pressure especially if you are working in harsh conditions.

Resistance to wear

One of the major problems that cause high degeneration of teeth is the wear and tear. In all drilling activities, teeth are exposed to very tough conditions such rock conditions which can promote high rate of wear and tear if not properly checked. In fact, most of the teeth repairs and replacements are as a result of a high rate of wear and tears. But with carbide teeth, they are resistant to wear and tears, and that is why they can last for long.

Resistant to Abrasion

One of the key things that you must consider while buying pengo auger teeth(click here to know more about it) is their abrasion features. Most of the drilling condition contains abrasive soils that can accelerate the rate of wear down of your auger teeth. Very few metals in the market come with abrasion resistant features, and that is why carbide has been the best alternative. Carbide shanks provide the teeth with high abrasion resistance properties.

High performance and productivity

Carbide shanks enhance the performance and the productivity of you Pengo auger. The tips are extremely sharp, and they can maintain the sharpness for a very long period.  That simply means that you can record a consistently high performance over an extended period of time.

Low cost of maintenance

As mentioned above, tungsten carbide material is not prone to wear and abrasion. That is the reason why the cost of the repairs and replacement is significantly reduced with carbide shank. So, the overall cost of maintenance and operation is significantly reduced with carbide tipped pengo auger teeth.

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