What Makes a Great Drilling Equipment?

What Makes a Great Drilling Equipment?

Whether you are doing pile construction, anchored earth retention or any other drilling method, the most important thing is the kind of drilling machine. The choice of equipment greatly determines the level of productivity or the output of the machine. So apart from auger teeth and other wear parts, what should an operator look for in drilling equipment? These features that make a great drilling machine:

The Size

The size of the machine of the most significant factors that make good drilling equipment. However, that side depends on the kind of job that you are doing. You could be doing the common poling for fencing or the sinking boreholes amongst another form of drilling. Each of them requires different sizes of the machines. But you can only work fine if you have the right size of the drilling machine. That comes with the right auger teeth for the task.

Engine Power

Another factor that is crucial fora great drilling machine is the power produced by the engine. What is the amount of horsepower can the machine produce? This is an important factor that any operator going into the market should look out for. But the amount of power you invest in should be determined by the kind of job that you are doing. If you are sinking borehole and foundation drilling, you need an extremely powerful machine. Probably hundreds of horsepower. If you need to a small machine for digging fencing holes, then 3-5 horsepower will be enough. Note that horsepower and type of auger teeth(click here to know more about it) are related.


Torque is the amount of force that is needed to get the machine started. If you are drilling extremely tough conditions, then you need to ensure the machine has high torque. But if you will be working in conditions that less difficult such simple pole hole is digging, then this may not be a concern. For the large drilling equipment, high torque is highly recommended.


The ability of the machine to operate and the manoeuvrability are two things that make great drilling equipment. Depending on the conditions that you are working in, you must ensure that you can drill with movement problems. Therefore, the machine should be designed with exceptional maneuverability features. Make sure that the machine can move freely even in the most squeezed conditions. That’s a key attribute that makes it possible for the machine to deliver high productivity and performance.

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