Reason for Investing Quadco Teeth

Reason for Investing Quadco Teeth

Among the many industrial tool brands that we have in the market, Quadco is one of the reputable manufacturers. As a non-OEM manufacturer, the company has made a name as one of the main producers of high-quality teeth for almost all machines in the industry. The company’s tools are being in every part of the world, and that shows the confidence that many people have in their parts.

But there are numerous benefits that come with operating your drilling, land clearing, solid waste machine or any other machine with Quadco teeth. Here are some of the key benefits of investing in Quadco tools:

Better Performance

The quality of the performance that comes with these tools is incredibly high compared to most of the available alternatives in the market. Quadco has their tools made from a high-quality material such as steels and carbide. They have their teeth tip made from highest grade of carbide, tungsten, which is the highest grade of tungsten carbide. The material is especially known to last for its high performance due to its consistency sharpness more than any other material. In short, the tungsten tip can last for long without getting dull and blunt. Therefore, the performance of their parts is incredibly high.


As mentioned, Quadco teeth last are constructed from the highest quality materials that you can find in the market. You will be impressed by the fact that the machine cutter tools are made from the highest-grade material. They have the body of the teeth constructed from the highest of steel such as forged steel and carbon alloy steel. The tip is constructed from tungsten carbide which the highest grade of carbide material. These are the kind of materials that are less affected by wear and tear, and that’s the reason why they last for long compared to most of the materials used in the market. That’s one of the reasons why Quadco teeth come with extended lifespan.

Affordable Prices

Another reason for investing in Quadco teeth is pricing. Being a non-OEM manufacturer, the company is able to offer the wear parts at a relatively lower price compared to the original manufacturer. Therefore, you’ll be spending less on the tools as opposed to buying from the original manufacturer. But that does not mean that you will be getting inferior quality products. The quality of the Quadco products is no different from what you can get from the original manufacturer.

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