When Should You Check Condition Your Trencher Teeth

When Should You Check Condition Your Trencher Teeth

How you take care of your trenching machine will significantly determine how the machine will take care of you financially. It could be just a machine, but it’s a mutual relationship that you’ve to maintain for you to benefit from the trencher machine. If you neglect the equipment, then you will spend a lot of money on it.  One of the major areas that you need to look at is the trencher teeth. Being the part of the teeth that do the actual cutting, these part are the most affected by wear.

But when do you tell that it is time to change the parts? Well, there are various ways that you can tell when the condition of your trencher teeth is worsening and need to be fixed. Here tips that can help you out.

Gradual Reduction in performance

Having worked with your trenching machine for a while, it is easy to tell when it is providing peak performance and when it is not. However, a slight reduction in performance may not necessarily mean that the condition of the teeth is wanting. It could be the condition of the surface and probably hard soil condition. But of the condition of the soil have changed and your is gradually or quickly reducing gin performance, then you need to consider the checking the condition of the teeth. They could be have broken or gotten dull during trench digging.

High Fuel Consumption

No most people know that the fuel consumption of their machine is directly related to the condition of the cutter tools. The relationship between the two is very simple. When the trencher teeth are blunt, dull or broken, they cut less and thus the machine is forced to work harder. That means that more fuel will be consumed. Therefore, if you find out that your fuel consumption is increasingly going up, then you need to consider check teeth condition.

Low productivity

Last but not the least is the overall performance of the trenching machine. On average, every machine as the capacity that it produced on certain conditions. If these conditions are maintained, then it should record constant productivity throughout. But if the condition of the teeth is wanting, then you likely start recording a gradual increment in the level of productivity. Therefore, if you have changed the conditions of the soil and the productivity of the machine gradually going down, then check the condition of your trencher teeth.

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