Why Go For Carbide Tipped Fecon Mulcher Teeth

Why Go For Carbide Tipped Fecon Mulcher Teeth

Any mulching machine productivity is rated based on the area of the land that has been cleared and the size of the particles/mulch produced. However, these two outcomes are dependent on the condition of the mulching teeth. That is why the condition of the teeth is an important factor when it comes to mulching machines. If you have a Fecon mulcher, one of the many things that you need to check is the quality of the teeth. Whether it is an OEM or non-OEM product, the material used for the tip is a crucial factor to consider.

Carbide tipped teeth is the most recommended for any mulching machine. But what are the main benefits of a carbide made tip? Here are the main of benefits you will enjoy from these tips:

  • Longevity

Longer lifespan is one of the main benefits that is offered by carbide tipped teeth. Carbide material is best known for its resistant to wear. The material is also known for its numerous properties such as abrasion resistance making it incredibly good for tough surfaces and vegetation. That simply means that you can work on thick and tough vegetation with minimal strain on the machine. Carbide material also records very little wear and tear and that is what gives them longer life compared to the rest of the material used for the manufacture of the tip.

  • High Productivity

Productivity is another factor that makes carbide tips popular with mulcher operators. As mentioned, the measure of the machine productivity is determined by the area cleared within a unit time. Due to their sharpness and less wear and tear, carbide tips are able to produce incredible output. The size of the land cleared by these Fecon mulcher teeth is larger and cannot be compared to the rest of the available teeth made from other materials. In addition, the size of the mulch produced is also finer making it possible for the material to decompose rather quickly.

  • Less Maintenance

The cost of maintenance is one of the many challenges that Fecon mulcher operators are struggling with. However, you can reduce this cost by having quality wear parts fitted on your machine. Carbide tipped Fecon mulcher teeth is one of the best wear parts that the industry can offer and thus the best choice for many. They are less prone to wear and tear and thus they require less maintenance. That is why the operator is able to cut the maintenance cost.

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