Tips to Picking the Right Tub Grinder Teeth

Tips to Picking the Right Tub Grinder Teeth

Tub grinders are essential equipment when in solid waste management. The ability of these machines to reduce brushes and tree limbs into fine wood particles makes them the best choice to many in the solid waste management industry. However, the performance is greatly determined by the quality and the condition of tub grinder wear parts. Therefore, the condition and quality of tub grinder teeth are critical when it comes to determining the performance and overall productivity of the machine. But how do you ensure that you picked the right tub grinder teeth? Well, check out these tips:

Check Brand

The industrial tools market has seen an increase in the number of new producers in the recent years. The problem is that some of the companies setting up factories do have the resources and capabilities to produce high-quality products.  If such products get into the market, they are said to be genuine and but the quality is wanting. There is also been a problem of the increasing level of counterfeit products infiltrating the market. Today, chances of buying counterfeit or fake tub grinder teeth are higher than ever. Therefore, it is recommended that you get the brand of the tub grinder teeth right. It may not be the OEM tub grinder teeth but alternatives with a good reputation will do.

Check the Quality Material Used

Apart from the brand, the most critical thing that you must take into account is the quality of the construction material. There are numerous types of materials that are used in the construction of the tub grinder teeth but tungsten carbide and steel are the most recommended. The teeth tip should be made from tungsten carbide materials since it offers incredible properties such as abrasion resistance and high resistance to wear. That makes it a perfect candidate for tough conditions. Same should be done the hammer tips. The body of the teeth and that of the hummer must also be constructed from premium steel.

Check Teeth Longevity

The material used for the construction may be tungsten carbide and steel but the lifespan of the tub grinder teeth vary. That could be informed by various factors. The first thing would be the quantity and the volume of the material used for the construction of the teeth. If the amount of carbide used for the little, then it will wear out quickly thus reducing the longevity of the teeth.  The same case to the steel material. Therefore, invest in the type of teeth that will serve you for longer.

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