Benefits of Investing in Non-OEM Pengo Auger Teeth

Benefits of Investing in Non-OEM Pengo Auger Teeth

After drilling for a while, you will notice that your Pengo auger performance is gradually reducing. That is an indication that some of its wear parts, such as teeth, are wearing off and may need repair or replacement.  Making teeth replacements is one of the major ways to ensure a constant performance of your drilling equipment. But the question is what kind of Pengo auger teeth you will use for replacement?

There are two main options to pick from- OEM or non-OEM teeth. Although some people would opt for the OEM teeth for the obvious reasons, there are numerous benefits of using non-OEM Pengo auger teeth as well. Here are some of the main benefits of investing in non-OEM auger Pengo:


One of the major limitations of OEM Pengo auger teeth(click here to know more about it) is availability. Due to their limited number of outlets, it can be very difficult for an instant replacement. In most cases, buyers are made to wait for days for the teeth to be shipped. However, the non-OEM teeth are best known for their availability. Most of the local dealers have easy access to these parts, and thus you can buy them across the counter. There are no waiting times, and thus you don’t need to have to halt your operations. It is also possible to inspect the items for faults across the counter unlike when buying from an oversee shop.


There is a huge difference regarding cost between OEM and non-OEM Pengo auger bits. OEM Pengo auger teeth are a little bit expensive for various reasons. First, the company has invested in its brand and second, there is no second guess about their quality. Therefore, customers are 100% sure that they are buying best quality teeth. For the non-OEM Pengo auger teeth, there is little to do with branding, and most of them produce for a number of brands. Therefore, they can cut on the cost of production and marketing thus making their products cheaper.


Quality has been the main bone of contention between these two options of Pengo auger bits. However, it has been proven that there is no difference in quality if you are dealing with reputable companies. Some of the companies producing non-OEM Pengo auger teeth such as JYFMACHINERY, are known for their high-quality products. So, buyers can have the same or better quality products at lower price. Therefore, quality should never be an issue if you are buying from a reputable manufacturer.

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