Reasons Why Your Mcmillen Auger Bits Wear Too Fast

Reasons Why Your Mcmillen Auger Bits Wear Too Fast

Wear and tear is a common problem with industrial machines due to their nature of the environment they are used in. However, the most affected parts are usually the wear parts, consequently affecting the overall performance of the machine. What some people don’t understand is the main reasons why their auger teeth are wearing off too fast. In addition, you might get surprised to hear that operators contribute a lot to these problems. Well, if your Mcmillen auger bits are wearing off too fast, these are the reasons why:

Poor Maintenance

One of the factors that contribute to high rate of wear auger bits is poor maintenance. Some of the people ignore the importance of having their drilling machines being maintained as recommended by the manufacturer. The importance of proper maintenance is to help restore the original condition of the teeth for a constant performance of the drilling machine. Failure to carry out adequate maintenance accelerates the wearing of the cutting parts, auger bits, and auger teeth, and that results in poor performance and the productivity of the drilling machine.

Therefore, make sure that you have maintained your drilling machine as recommended. You can also carry out regular maintenance to ensure that your Mcmillen drilling machine is in the best condition possible.

Wrong Application

The working application is another reason why you Mcmillen auger bits(click here to know more about it) are wearing off. Every auger bit is designed to work in a particular condition. That is a rule of thumb that must be observed by everyone working with drilling equipment. However, some operators fail to observe the rule and end up complaining of the auger teeth wearing off fast. For instance, Auger bits designed for poling purposes cannot be used for foundation drilling. Exposing soft soil auger to hard conditions will increase the rate of wear. Therefore, ensure that you are using the teeth for the dedicated purpose.

Wrong Usage

When it wrong usage, it is all about how you are using Mcmillen auger bits. You may have selected the right surface but still use the teeth poorly thus resulting in high rate of wear. Good use of auger bit goes down to having the right drilling skills. A poorly skilled operator can result in high rate of wear. Therefore, ensure that the operator behind the Mcmillen auger is highly specialized. That is one effective way that you can reduce the rate of wear and tear.

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