How To Pick The Correct Teeth for You Bobcat Auger

How To Pick The Correct Teeth for You Bobcat Auger

In matters drilling, the type of the teeth that is used is a crucial thing to consider seriously. However, this is one of the major mistakes that people make. A good number of people do not research the best cutter bits for the drilling tasks that they are about to undertake. The result is less performance and overall poor productivity of the drilling equipment. But how can you ensure that you have picked the right teeth for you Bobcat auger? Well, here are some of the essential tips that can help you get the best Bobcat auger teeth(For more details

Check the Nature Surface First

The most important thing that you must always consider is the nature of the surface to be drilled. That includes the surface that you will be drilling. For instance, if you will be drooling in sandy soil or soft soil, then you will need a different set of Bobcat auger teeth compared to drilling rocky soils. If you end up with sandy auger teeth for the rocky condition, then that will definitely result in an accelerated rate of wear down for the teeth. But it is important to note that rocky bits on sandy soil may not be all that bad, but you might fail to realize the value for money. That is because they are not fully utilized.

Construction Material Matters

Another critical thing that you must always consider is the quality of the material used for the construction of the Bobcat auger teeth. Note that the company has different varieties of teeth in the market and that would factor in your choice of teeth. Make sure that you have gone for the best quality material depending on the surface condition. For instance, if you will be drilling rocky surfaces, then you need to have the bit shanks to be made from tungsten carbide due to its wear and abrasive resistance. The body should be constructed from forged steel or cast steel.

But if you will be working on sandy or soft soil or pole hole digging, then you may not need to invest in carbide tipped Bobcat auger teeth. In such cases, steel tough would be okay. So you must differentiate between the two conditions when it comes to determining the right material for the teeth.

By considering these two factors critically, then it will be very easy for you to get the right Bobcat auger teeth. It is easy, and it only requires simple observations.

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